Second Time Around


Sometimes homes deserve a second chance. And this is one of those times.

The homeowners of this beautiful colonial first listed their home over six months ago. Time passed quickly but the house sat with little activity.  The frustrated owners reached out to me when their first contract expired. (They had received a referral from a neighbor who had hired me to successfully sell his home on the street and were hoping I would have the same success with their home.)

We wasted no time during our first meeting. I walked through the home and told them what I was sure they didn’t want to hear: Their home needed a minor makeover, but I was willing to help!


  • remove gas fireplace to open up eat-in space
  • remove cork floors and replace with more neutral flooring
  • freshen up the trim paint
  • neutralize some of the “WOW” rooms in the entry with new paint colors
  • replace worn/stained carpet
  • paint the banisters
  • paint the front door
  • add light fixture
  • stage the home professionally
  • take professional pictures

When selling your home it is important to be neutral and appeal to as many buyers as possible!


Kitchenfloor before
Living Room Before
Just a few updates and she would be good to go. It sounded good in theory, but after much discussion we came up with a 2-week timeline to finish all of the work and do so with a $5,000 budget!

Stay tuned for how we–Mary Beth Nerone of Bloom Staging and I gathered a great team– made it happen.  I’ll have lots more BEFORES AND AFTERS too!!  You won’t want to miss it!


*Special Thanks to Mary Beth Nerone of Bloom Staging and Pat Bayer of Bayer Video Tours for the photos!

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