These Towns Were Made For Walkin’

headshotIn case you missed it, the Democrat and Chronicle did a special real estate feature  over the weekend.  I was quoted in an article about walkable neighborhoods (you can read the article here).  In this case, they asked me about the town of Victor.

“Victor is an area that has it all,” Petrone said. “There is exponential growth in the Victor area and many new neighborhoods are popping up. … We as real estate professionals are seeing more and more buyers in the market looking to purchase homes in walkable neighborhoods.”

Walkable neighborhoods are sought after by homebuyers.  What makes a neighborhood walkable?  Julie Campoli, author of “Made for Walking,” talks about six different factors that contribute to walkability including:

  • Connections – Walking paths / sidewalks
  • Urban Tissue – Small buildings with multiple functions nearby
  • Density – Buildings and people in close proximity to promote sense of community
  • Services – Amenities nearby
  • Street-scape – Streamlined streets to promote business visibility
  • Green Networks  – Trees and green areas for recreation and relaxation

We are fortunate to have an abundance of walkable neighborhoods in and around the greater Rochester area!  The D&C article highlighted a few of them.  I’m curious to hear about some of your favorites!  Whether it’s the Brockport Village or Main Street Pittsford or Park Avenue downtown, which one do you especially love and why?


The website will give you a walkability rating for your address.  Check it out!


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