Rochester Hot Spot – The South Wedge


photo credit : Roc Wikipedia

If you live in Rochester you probably know about a little gem called the South Wedge.  According to its Wikipedia page, the South Wedge is a Rochester city neighborhood “comprised of a triangular wedge of land bordered by the Genesee River on the west, and the Erie Canal (now I-490) on the east. It is sometimes considered to include the adjacent Swillburg and Highland Park neighborhoods, as well as parts of the Lilac Neighborhood.”

The neighborhood dates back to the 1820s an is rich with history and diversity.  It is also one of the fastest growing areas in the state of New York, according to the South Wedge Quarterly.

This Rochester hot spot includes some amazing shops and restaurants!  Hedonist , Abode, Cheesy Eddies, Swiftwater Brewing Company, and Little Bleu Cheese Shop are just a few of the favorite local businesses!

82 bloomfield place

Recently I was fortunate to list a charming home in the South Wedge.  Not surprisingly, this little beauty sold within the first week!

Another one I listed on Whitmore sold quickly too!


You know what they say in the business…location, location, location.  🙂

I’m off to celebrate by doing a food crawl in the neighborhood…hedonist chocolate bark, here I come!


*picture courtesy of Hedonist Chocolates in Rochester’s South Wedge neighborhood


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