Trend Alert. Townhomes Are Hot!

I always like to pass along my observations to my clients and feel that my blog is a great forum for personal tidbits.  Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed more people being drawn to townhome living.  I’ve thought a lot about this trend and have decided there are several factors that make townhomes attractive to buyers.


LOW MAINTENANCE.  This first piece may be obvious.  Our lives are busy.  I find that there is a range of buyers who are looking for easy, low-maintenance living.  Whether you’re a young professional who would rather spend precious free time socializing or a retiree who would rather spend precious free time with your family, the townhome setup often allows this freedom.  Who wants to be shoveling snow when you can be sipping a hot cup of coffee?

AFFORDABILITY.  Generally speaking, townhomes are more affordable than single family homes in the same area.  Utility bills, because of shared foundations and walls, tend to be lower too.  While single family homeowners have to face normal wear and tear renovations on their own dime, townhome owners often pay for the expense in a budgeted HOA or share the expense with a group of people (think new roof).

AMENITIES.  Sometimes townhome owners have access to shared amenities.  This varies with different communities but can include access to things like security, parks, pools, fitness centers or clubhouses.  The bonus is that generally there is no maintenance for the owner.

COMMUNITY.  Many of my clients have expressed a desire to be near people but also retain their privacy.  The beauty of the townhome is that you can still have a separate living space but also have access to neighbors.  I recently worked with a woman who felt isolated in her home.  Having close neighbors and a community that looked out for one another, was important to her.  She found what she was looking for in a townhome.

Many of my clients have gravitated toward townhomes for an easy, affordable lifestyle. Finding the right townhome can be a complicated process.  There is a myriad of options out there so it’s important to be an educated consumer.  If you are interested in joining the trend, give me a call!







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