Cost of Living: Upstate vs. Downstate

Recently I read an article by Ilyce Glink titled, “What It Costs To Live in the Top 10 School Districts in the US.” I was naturally intrigued since Pittsford, New York made the list at number 5! I’ve always said what an amazing quality of life we have here in Rochester.  When I tour with families relocating to our area, I love watching their reactions to all the great things our towns have to offer!  Often, my clients are pleasantly surprised by our affordability.

To highlight this point, I grabbed a few of my recent listings in the Pittsford School District.  I also grabbed a few recent listings from Rye, New York, which was listed at number 4 on the list of top school districts. Rye is located downstate outside of New York City (Westchester County).

Here’s what $500,000-$650,000 will get you in Rye, New York:

This home is 798 square feet and is listed at $555,000 in Rye (one of only a handful I could find in this price range).


Here’s another current listing in Rye for $635,000. It has 3 bedrooms and 1900 square feet.  40 tyler circle rye

In case you were wondering, it’s not “move-in ready”…


Now, here are a few of my listings in the same price range from our area!

8 Langley Rise in Pittsford, New York presented at $599,900 with 3,398 square feet (over 4x the square footage of that first home in Rye):


Here is 20 Lancaster Rise in Pittsford presented at $499.900.  NOW SALE PENDING!


And finally here is 3881 Elmwood Avenue in Pittsford presented at $524,900. NOW SALE PENDING!



Just a little bit of a difference!  We are so lucky to live in Rochester with amazing schools, universities and hospitals.  We also have an active sports, theatre, art, music, festival and fine dining scene!  The people are awesome.  The homes are beautiful. The prices are right! What’s not to love?





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