Getting To Know Your Realtor



NAME: Amy Petrone

HOW MANY PEOPLE/PETS ARE IN YOUR FAMILY: 6 including the dog! husband, Guy; sons, Jake, Ryan & Nolan; 4-year-old Golden Retriever named “Otto” after the SU Mascot of course!

WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL: St Louis School for elementary; Our Lady of Mercy HS and Syracuse University for undergraduate & graduate school.

WHERE WOULD WE MOST LIKELY FIND YOU WHEN YOU’RE NOT WORKING: on a soccer field ⚽️, at an SU game🍊 or traveling.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM TO CHEER ON: Pittsford Sutherland HS/Calkins Rd MS Soccer & Syracuse Orange Basketball.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: right now it’s Nosh.

FAVORITE STORE: Wegmans because I consider it my second home.


WHAT WOULD YOU BE IF YOU WEREN’T A REALTOR? I would be a party planner!

FASHION TREND YOU CANNOT SUPPORT: lace up your leg shoes & nude hose.

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: To see Eric Church live in concert.

PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Building my business from the ground up and continuing to grow it through referrals!

PERSONAL MOTTO: something good will come out of everything you put your mind/passion/energy into!

AN INTERESTING TIDBIT: I’m teaching my 16-year-old son how to drive…gulp!

SOMETHING YOU LOVE ABOUT ROCHESTER: I love the fact that anywhere I go in Rochester I will run into people I know! Such a sense of community and when people come here they stay for a long time!

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