Finishing What You Started

Have you ever started a project in your home but didn’t really complete it?  You get 90% finished with a renovation or an update when something steals you away.  You have every intention of tackling that last detail but life happens.  Days turn into weeks.  And then one day you look around and notice a bunch of projects have piled up (touch up that paint job, get a switch plate for the light, fix the shoe molding, patch up the holes in the wall, re-caulk the tub…etc).

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

Recently I was talking to one of my family members about unfinished projects and how they have this ability to creep up on all of us (yes, even Realtors! :))  She was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.  Sometimes home owners just get stuck. We decided to sit down together and make a plan.

It went like this:  START SMALL!! Pick a room and work through every detail in that space. Once one room has been finished give yourself permission to take on the next room and so on.

start small.jpg

The feeling of accomplishment to check even one room off your list will be so great, that you will be inspired to keep moving forward.

We added a fireplace to our home in 2007 but it never felt complete.  It was always nagging me.  Finally this year we trimmed out the fireplace and added some shelving to make it feel more homey.  It looks great but it feels even better!


I am on a mission now! This is the year I will finish those small projects and no longer put them off. I’ve made a to-do list and I’m going to take my own advice. Start small. And then keep moving forward.




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