Spring Cleaning. Spring Staging.

It’s a hot market and if you’ve thought about listing your home, the time is NOW!  With that in mind it’s time to start your Spring cleaning and Spring staging.  Staged homes generally yield more money and sell quicker!


So, what should you do?  Here are seven tips!

  1.  CLEAR THE CLUTTER – You’ve heard this before but it’s true.  Get rid of all the clutter and help buyers see past your personal belongings.  The goal is to appeal to as many buyers as possible.  Also, you want to highlight the features of your home not disguise them.   The kitchen is especially important to clean and clear!  kitchenwoodbine4kitchen
  2. SHOWCASE WHAT YOU’VE GOT! If you have outdated rugs or window treatments that are hiding wood floors or beautiful windows, remove them! woodbine5frwindows2lrwindowsliving room
  3. ADD AN AMERICAN FLAG. You know how I feel about this!  Flags not only show pride in our country but they also show pride in ownership.  When I see a bright new flag in front of a home, I’m intrigued by what is inside.  They are beautiful and have curb appeal!porchstepsexterior
  4. ADD FRESH TOWELS.  It’s a small investment and it’s worth it!  Fresh towels in your bathrooms keep things new and clean.  Nobody wants to view a bathroom with a musty, crumpled old towel.bathbath2
  5. WHITE LOOKS CRISP! Speaking of bathrooms…if you need to replace an outdated shower curtain, white always looks great!whiteshowercurtainbathbath2
  6. KEEP YOUR ANIMALS AWAY.  You know I’m a huge animal lover but it’s in your best interest to remove animals from listing pictures and viewings.  Also, it’s a good idea to remove toys, beds and other items.  You can pull them out later! Here’s a gratuitous shot of my beloved Otto. 🙂otto
  7. FRESH FLOWERS ARE A NICE TOUCH.  Fresh flowers–tulips in a nice vase, a potted orchid, or colorful blooms on the front steps can add a nice, neutral touch to your home.  They add warmth and bonus–they generally smell nice.  stepkitchen2tulips


Hope this inspires you!  Start cleaning.  Start staging.  And, give me a call!



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