What Makes A Great Realtor?

Recently I was about to head out-of-town when I received a call from a Realtor friend of mine (Kristin Vanden Brul) who I had just worked with on a transaction.

“Amy!” she said, “My clients just did the walk-through on the house and it’s still full of stuff.  They are preparing to close and move in and won’t be able to unless we do something about the items that were left behind.”

Oh no!  My clients had intended to clean out their home but there were some extenuating circumstances and they were now moved out-of-town.  We had to scramble to come up with a solution and make the home ready for its new owners.  Kristin told me since time was of the essence she was going to rent a dumpster and start clearing out the home.  I told her I’d meet her there!

Several hours later the home was cleared and ready to be moved into because of our efforts. Just another crazy day at the office, right? The day made me think about my job and the people I get to work with. I take pride in my job and I know Kristin does too!


Great Realtors will:

  • Come together to find solutions to problems
  • Go above and beyond the call of duty–even if it means climbing in and out of dumpsters on a Sunday afternoon
  • Act swiftly to put out fires
  • Place the interests of their clients in the forefront of their minds
  • Respond with kindness
  • Be professional
  • Achieve success

When you are paying someone to assist you with the sale of your current home or the purchase of your next one, you should expect greatness!

Thanks to Kristin Vanden Brul for all your help!



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