Why You Need An Agent Even In A Seller’s Market!

It’s no secret.  Housing inventory is low.  In fact it’s the lowest it’s been in Rochester since the 1990’s!  So it might be tempting to try and list your home independently.  Resist the temptation and save yourself from future disappointment!

Here are five reasons why you need an agent!

  1.  BEST PRICE – Statistics have proven that homeowners get more money when listing their properties with agents.  The difference is often enough to pay the commission and then some!  According to the National Association of Realtor®’s 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the average FSBO (for sale by owner) sales price was $185,000, while the average price for a home represented by an agent was $245,000. (over $60K difference!)top dollar
  2. NEUTRALITY – It pays to have an experienced third party handle your sale.  I’ve had clients who tried to sell to family members, or friends, or friends of friends and it became complicated.  As a seller you might feel shortchanged.  Or, you could underestimate the value of your home.  This is not the time when you want to feel vulnerable.  This is one of your biggest investments!  You need someone to show up for YOU, fight for you, negotiate for you!  youve_got_mail_20917_medium1
  3. SHOWINGS – Showing your home by yourself is the worst!  Home visits can be time consuming…scheduling, waiting, dealing with cancellations or casual lookers.  And newsflash: prospective buyers don’t always feel comfortable when looking at a home with its current owner.  They like to envision themselves in the space. I’ve done thousands of showings.  And I know how to read them!open-house-funny
  4. ALL THE PAPERWORK – I deal with paperwork and real estate processes every day!  Closing on a property can be overwhelming, stressful and frustrating.  I know the ins and outs.  I know what to expect.  And I will have it all organized for you.paperwork (1)
  5. MY CONNECTIONS – Often I have buyers waiting in the wings or know of buyers from my colleagues.  I have attorneys and mortgage brokers that I use regularly and successfully.  Did your home not pass inspection?  Do you need something repaired?  I likely have a person to do the job and do it quickly and properly.  I’ve amassed some amazing contacts in my career!   My network benefits you!Network graphic - crop


It’s always a better idea to use an agent even in a seller’s market.  You will save yourself money, time, aggravation and stress!  Leave it to me!



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