We Are Open For Business!

Hi guys!  I wanted to check in and thank you for your continued support.  It’s been a fun and busy spring so far!  With a fast-paced market, sometimes there can be misconceptions.  I’m here to reiterate our mission!

We sell it all!

One of the many things I love about my job is the variety.  Every day is different.  Every home is special.  Every buyer and seller has different needs.  It’s this job dynamic that makes me excited to tackle each new day.   I work with all sorts of properties.  Whether it’s a small fixer-upper or a larger estate, I love the challenge of customizing plans.  I sell all over the Greater Rochester area and surrounding counties!

We are never too busy to hear from you!

I’ve said it before but I have the best clients.  I’m a people person and part of that means I want my clients to be happy.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about your home, the current market conditions or need a contractor referral. I frequently have past clients call me for a referral to qualified service people. I’ve spent over a decade putting together a list of the best in the business and would be happy to share! And just the other day I had a client who was looking for a particular style home and I knew of something coming to market! Call me to talk about your future plans.

It’s not too late to list your home!

The spring market started later this year due to our longer-than-normal winter. We are starting to see more and more inventory open up. It’s a fantastic time to list your home! I have the best team to help–stagers, photographers, marketing professionals, you name it! Stress be gone!

We will find you a new home–even in this market!

I will never leave you stranded! I’ve been known to find listings for clients BEFORE they come to market.   I recently had a client who was in search of a particular style home.  We weren’t having any luck with the existing listings.  I drove through multiple neighborhoods and wrote to homeowners. We were able to make an offer on a property that wasn’t even for sale!

Please give us a call if there is anything we can do for you. We will walk you through the process and we will make it fun!! Coffee is optional. 🙂




(and Julia and Kate)






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