It’s All In The Details

I recently hosted a spectacular broker’s open at 80 Mahogany Run in Pittsford.  This house is just so stunning because of the attention to details.  The finishes in this home are luxurious…at every corner.  The floors, counters, lights, windows, appliances, moldings…it was easy to be a hostess! Sit back and check out some of the photos of this showstopper!


The rain couldn’t dampen our spirits.  The acoustics in this home are fantastic and the live music just provided the perfect backdrop!  You could throw some awesome parties in this home!


The marble island goes on for days and allows for easy entertaining.


The kitchen really is a thing of beauty.  We loved the “hidden refrigerator” and stunning high end appliances.



IMG_8018 (2)IMG_8017 (2)5e2a6867



Interested in this magnificent estate?!  Give me a call!



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Spring Cleaning. Spring Staging.

It’s a hot market and if you’ve thought about listing your home, the time is NOW!  With that in mind it’s time to start your Spring cleaning and Spring staging.  Staged homes generally yield more money and sell quicker!


So, what should you do?  Here are seven tips!

  1.  CLEAR THE CLUTTER – You’ve heard this before but it’s true.  Get rid of all the clutter and help buyers see past your personal belongings.  The goal is to appeal to as many buyers as possible.  Also, you want to highlight the features of your home not disguise them.   The kitchen is especially important to clean and clear!  kitchenwoodbine4kitchen
  2. SHOWCASE WHAT YOU’VE GOT! If you have outdated rugs or window treatments that are hiding wood floors or beautiful windows, remove them! woodbine5frwindows2lrwindowsliving room
  3. ADD AN AMERICAN FLAG. You know how I feel about this!  Flags not only show pride in our country but they also show pride in ownership.  When I see a bright new flag in front of a home, I’m intrigued by what is inside.  They are beautiful and have curb appeal!porchstepsexterior
  4. ADD FRESH TOWELS.  It’s a small investment and it’s worth it!  Fresh towels in your bathrooms keep things new and clean.  Nobody wants to view a bathroom with a musty, crumpled old towel.bathbath2
  5. WHITE LOOKS CRISP! Speaking of bathrooms…if you need to replace an outdated shower curtain, white always looks great!whiteshowercurtainbathbath2
  6. KEEP YOUR ANIMALS AWAY.  You know I’m a huge animal lover but it’s in your best interest to remove animals from listing pictures and viewings.  Also, it’s a good idea to remove toys, beds and other items.  You can pull them out later! Here’s a gratuitous shot of my beloved Otto. 🙂otto
  7. FRESH FLOWERS ARE A NICE TOUCH.  Fresh flowers–tulips in a nice vase, a potted orchid, or colorful blooms on the front steps can add a nice, neutral touch to your home.  They add warmth and bonus–they generally smell nice.  stepkitchen2tulips


Hope this inspires you!  Start cleaning.  Start staging.  And, give me a call!



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Living Near the University of Rochester

One of our city’s most notable gems is the University of Rochester (U of R).  The school is one of the nation’s top private universities.  According to its Wikipedia page, “The University of Rochester, across all of its schools and campuses, enrolls approximately 5,600 undergraduates and 4,600 graduate students. Its 158 buildings house over 200 academic majors. Additionally, Rochester (along with its affiliated Strong Health System) is the largest employer in the Greater Rochester area and the sixth largest employer in New York.”


In other words, nearly every Rochesterian knows someone who works at the University or studies there.  And all of us reap the benefits of this amazing place…whether we are enjoying music by Eastman musicians, witnessing innovative research or accessing the best healthcare.

In 2013, University officials along with local government leaders and members of the Mount Hope community, gathered to dedicate College Town.  College Town is a 100 million dollar commercial/residential district surrounding the University.  College Town has grown since 2013 and is now brimming with businesses, restaurants, bars and residential space (my favorite addition was Costco!!).


It’s a great time to live near the U of R!  I have a few listings coming up in the neighborhood and more on the way!  If you are interested or are relocating to the area, please give me a call!







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Welcome LeEllen!

I am thrilled to introduce LeEllen Despaw!  She has joined my team and will be working as a Transaction Coordinator.  LeEllen will help me ensure all real estate transactions are handled swiftly and with great attention to detail!img_7972-4

LeEllen recently moved back to Rochester after spending time in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She and her husband live in Fairport with their two little boys! She is happy to be back closer to family.  In her spare time (when she’s not chasing after a three year old or tending to an 8 month old) LeEllen loves to read and go on date nights with her husband!

Fun Fact: LeEllen has known Julia since she was 8 years old!  

Please join me in welcoming LeEllen! Bring on the transactions! 🙂


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Finishing What You Started

Have you ever started a project in your home but didn’t really complete it?  You get 90% finished with a renovation or an update when something steals you away.  You have every intention of tackling that last detail but life happens.  Days turn into weeks.  And then one day you look around and notice a bunch of projects have piled up (touch up that paint job, get a switch plate for the light, fix the shoe molding, patch up the holes in the wall, re-caulk the tub…etc).

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

Recently I was talking to one of my family members about unfinished projects and how they have this ability to creep up on all of us (yes, even Realtors! :))  She was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.  Sometimes home owners just get stuck. We decided to sit down together and make a plan.

It went like this:  START SMALL!! Pick a room and work through every detail in that space. Once one room has been finished give yourself permission to take on the next room and so on.

start small.jpg

The feeling of accomplishment to check even one room off your list will be so great, that you will be inspired to keep moving forward.

We added a fireplace to our home in 2007 but it never felt complete.  It was always nagging me.  Finally this year we trimmed out the fireplace and added some shelving to make it feel more homey.  It looks great but it feels even better!


I am on a mission now! This is the year I will finish those small projects and no longer put them off. I’ve made a to-do list and I’m going to take my own advice. Start small. And then keep moving forward.




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Selling Your Home in 2017?

Happy New Year!  Are you thinking about selling your home in 2017?   Are you feeling overwhelmed?  I’ve put together a list to keep you sane.

  1. Breathe!  Selling your home and looking for a new residence should be a fun process. Focus on what your end goal is! I’m here to help!breathe
  2. Call me.  We can create an individualized plan to help you on this journey.  Every home is different.  Every client has different needs.  The sooner we meet, the better! Even if you don’t expect to move until the fall, it’s always good to make a plan. Also, it helps me keep an eye open for anything you might be interested in purchasing when new inventory crops up!                     call-me
  3. Take advantage of my contacts!  I have great relationships with contractors, mortgage brokers, inspectors, attorneys, stagers…you name it!  Once we create your plan, I will help you achieve it !                                                    contractors
  4. Make a Cleaning Checklist.  I don’t know about you, but I feel much more accomplished when I can check something off a list.  By making a list you will do a more thorough job and you can break down your efforts so that it’s not overwhelming.                                                                           checklist
  5. Stay positive.  It’s easy and normal to feel a number of emotions when selling or buying a home.  It all will work out and I will be there every step of the way.  What does Mary Poppins say? “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun…you find the fun and SNAP! The job’s a game!”  Let’s do this together!  marypoppins

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous new year!



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Historical Charm in Brighton

Have you caught an episode of HGTV’s show “Hunting Vintage“?  The show celebrates historical homes and all the charming details they offer.  It’s a similar format to “House Hunters” but with a nod to old homes!  I caught an episode recently and couldn’t help but think how lucky we are in Rochester.  We have so many beautiful old homes in this city…case in point, two of my current listings in Brighton (more on that below)!

If you know Brighton, you know that it abounds with character.  There’s a myriad of styles, and abundance of whimsy and a range of prices!

35 Buffard Drive in Brighton is brimming with historical details and is presented at $229,900.

Check out the beautiful windows and the shutters on this 1920 colonial:


This entryway and staircase is just divine:


And this nook.  Who doesn’t love a nook?!


357 Cromwell Drive in Brighton is a BEAUTIFUL 1940 colonial presented at just $164,900! Check out the architectural detail in that little window front and center!


Here’s a glimpse of the window inside:


How about this arch?!:


Or this little room:


As you can see, we are lucky to live in a town that is rich with beautiful, historical homes. If you love details, you’ll love these two charmers!  Call me if you’re interested!  As the great designer Charles Eames once said:





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Getting To Know Your Realtor



NAME: Amy Petrone

HOW MANY PEOPLE/PETS ARE IN YOUR FAMILY: 6 including the dog! husband, Guy; sons, Jake, Ryan & Nolan; 4-year-old Golden Retriever named “Otto” after the SU Mascot of course!

WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL: St Louis School for elementary; Our Lady of Mercy HS and Syracuse University for undergraduate & graduate school.

WHERE WOULD WE MOST LIKELY FIND YOU WHEN YOU’RE NOT WORKING: on a soccer field ⚽️, at an SU game🍊 or traveling.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM TO CHEER ON: Pittsford Sutherland HS/Calkins Rd MS Soccer & Syracuse Orange Basketball.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: right now it’s Nosh.

FAVORITE STORE: Wegmans because I consider it my second home.


WHAT WOULD YOU BE IF YOU WEREN’T A REALTOR? I would be a party planner!

FASHION TREND YOU CANNOT SUPPORT: lace up your leg shoes & nude hose.

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: To see Eric Church live in concert.

PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Building my business from the ground up and continuing to grow it through referrals!

PERSONAL MOTTO: something good will come out of everything you put your mind/passion/energy into!

AN INTERESTING TIDBIT: I’m teaching my 16-year-old son how to drive…gulp!

SOMETHING YOU LOVE ABOUT ROCHESTER: I love the fact that anywhere I go in Rochester I will run into people I know! Such a sense of community and when people come here they stay for a long time!

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Fly Your Flag

Today, June 14, is Flag Day.  When I was 12 years old I wrote an editorial piece for the Democrat and Chronicle about why everyone should fly an American flag.  Today, it’s still one of the things I tell sellers to do most when they list their homes.


According to the PBS website, the colors of the flag have significant meaning:

Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor.
White symbolizes Purity and Innocence.
Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.

I would add that our flag demonstrates pride, history and unity.

I was thumbing through a copy of HGTV Magazine when I spotted this article:


It’s titled, “If You Only Do One Thing This Month: Hang a Flag for Fourth of July.”  This article reminded me of the essay I wrote as a girl.  It still holds true today.

Take pride in your homes.  Take pride in this great country!   Fly your flags.  And forever in peace may they wave.


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Cost of Living: Upstate vs. Downstate

Recently I read an article by Ilyce Glink titled, “What It Costs To Live in the Top 10 School Districts in the US.” I was naturally intrigued since Pittsford, New York made the list at number 5! I’ve always said what an amazing quality of life we have here in Rochester.  When I tour with families relocating to our area, I love watching their reactions to all the great things our towns have to offer!  Often, my clients are pleasantly surprised by our affordability.

To highlight this point, I grabbed a few of my recent listings in the Pittsford School District.  I also grabbed a few recent listings from Rye, New York, which was listed at number 4 on the list of top school districts. Rye is located downstate outside of New York City (Westchester County).

Here’s what $500,000-$650,000 will get you in Rye, New York:

This home is 798 square feet and is listed at $555,000 in Rye (one of only a handful I could find in this price range).


Here’s another current listing in Rye for $635,000. It has 3 bedrooms and 1900 square feet.  40 tyler circle rye

In case you were wondering, it’s not “move-in ready”…


Now, here are a few of my listings in the same price range from our area!

8 Langley Rise in Pittsford, New York presented at $599,900 with 3,398 square feet (over 4x the square footage of that first home in Rye):


Here is 20 Lancaster Rise in Pittsford presented at $499.900.  NOW SALE PENDING!


And finally here is 3881 Elmwood Avenue in Pittsford presented at $524,900. NOW SALE PENDING!



Just a little bit of a difference!  We are so lucky to live in Rochester with amazing schools, universities and hospitals.  We also have an active sports, theatre, art, music, festival and fine dining scene!  The people are awesome.  The homes are beautiful. The prices are right! What’s not to love?





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